Fatty Acids Composition and Biodiesel Characterization of Dunaliella salina


This study discusses the perspectives regarding the green alga Dunaliella salina Toed for biodiesel manufacturing purposes. The alga was cultivated under controlled lab conditions. Biomass concentration at early stationary grown microalga was 2.6 mg/L dry weight, while the algal oil was about 27.1% of the biomass. Algal oil was esterified and analyzed using GLC technique. Fourteen fatty acid methyl esters were identified. The amount of saturated and unsaturated fatty ester fractions was 35% and 65% respectively. The physicochemical properties of fatty acids comprising biodiesel were discussed. However, culture optimization coupled with genetic improvement will definitely represent contributions to bring about innovation in oil hyper-producing D. salina that will ultimately meet with success.

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E. Fakhry and D. Maghraby, "Fatty Acids Composition and Biodiesel Characterization of Dunaliella salina," Journal of Water Resource and Protection, Vol. 5 No. 9, 2013, pp. 894-899. doi: 10.4236/jwarp.2013.59091.

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