Current Processing Current Tunable Universal Biquad Filter Employing Two CCTAs and Two Grounded Capacitors


This paper presents a current processing current-tunable universal biquad filter employing two current conveyor transconductance amplifiers (CCTAs) as active element and two grounded capacitors as passive element. It realizes all the five standard filtering responses such as low pass (LP), band pass (BP), high pass (HP), band reject (BR) and all pass (AP) through appropriate selection of applied current inputs. Proposed circuit does not require minus input current signal and double input current signal to realize different filtering responses. It also does not require component matching condition to realize any filtering responses. Moreover, the circuit offers the advantage of orthogonal electronic tunability of pole-frequency and quality factor. The circuit exhibits low active and passive sensitivities. The circuit performance is verified through P-SPICE simulation software.

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Tomar, R. , Singh, S. and Chauhan, D. (2013) Current Processing Current Tunable Universal Biquad Filter Employing Two CCTAs and Two Grounded Capacitors. Circuits and Systems, 4, 443-450. doi: 10.4236/cs.2013.46058.

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