Variation of blood vessels in the cranial-cervical legion

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The blood vessels in the head and neck have several main roots for supplying blood to the brain and returning of blood to the heart. It was well known that each artery and vein in the head and neck has its variation. The variation of the vessels some times gives rise to unexpectable findings, which are not described in the textbook. In this study we like to show the morphological variations observed at routine autopsy cases and some forensic pathological findings caused by those variations.

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Furukawa, S. , Morita, S. , Okunaga, H. , Wingenfeld, L. and Nishi, K. (2013) Variation of blood vessels in the cranial-cervical legion. Forensic Medicine and Anatomy Research, 1, 74-79. doi: 10.4236/fmar.2013.14016.

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