The Change of Physical-Mechanical Properties of Viscoelastic Liquids in Consideration of Nanoparticles

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The paper studies the viscoelastic body described by the generalized Maxwell model. This model consists of several parallel-connected simple models of Maxwell. Assuming the interaction of atoms of the body with embedded nanoparticles leads to a change in model parameters. It is shown that with the addition of nanoparticles with a specific property, it can change the value of the deformation points of a viscoelastic body. This change depends on the number of elements.

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Ramazanov, M. and Aslanov, M. (2013) The Change of Physical-Mechanical Properties of Viscoelastic Liquids in Consideration of Nanoparticles. Applied Mathematics, 4, 1367-1370. doi: 10.4236/am.2013.410184.

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