Comparative Examinations of Single Bored Piles Using International Codes


This paper presents some aspects of the load-settlement behavior for large diameter bored piles using four different international codes, namely: ECP 202 [1], DIN 4014 [2], AASHTO [3] and French Code [4]. Ultimate capacities for 38 pile load tests founded in realistic multi-layered soils in Delta and Port Saidareas atEgyptare evaluated using modified Chin (1970) method and compared to ultimate load predictions obtained by the aforementioned codes. Many statistical analyses were conducted on the total pile loads and individual contributions of tip and skin resistances. Based on code predictions of ultimate pile loads, an empirical modified load-settlement model is proposed. This model will simplify to a great extent the analysis of piled-raft systems as it can effortlessly predict pile settlement due to the load on pile itself. Comparisons showed that the pile load test is an irreplaceable process for determining the ultimate capacity of piles.

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El-Gendy, M. , Araby, I. and Kamal, M. (2013) Comparative Examinations of Single Bored Piles Using International Codes. Engineering, 5, 796-806. doi: 10.4236/eng.2013.510096.

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