Prognostic factors after palliative resection for colorectal cancer with incurable synchronous liver metastasis


Purpose: With the improvements in newer chemotherapeutic agents, there is currently no consensus regarding the validity of palliative resection of the primary tumor for colorectal cancer with incurable distant metastasis. We retrospectively analyzed prognostic factor in patients with colorectal cancer accompanied by incurable synchronous liver metastasis. Methods: 82 patients with incurable synchronous liver metastases, who underwent primary tumor resection alone, were enrolled. Results: The multivariate analysis revealed that the presence of ascites (P = 0.001, Hazard ratio = 2.96) and differentiation (P = 0.003, Hazard ratio = 3.68) were found to be significant independent prognostic factors. The median survival time among the patients with ascites was 4.8 months and that among the patients with poorly-differentiated or mucinous adenocarcinoma, or signet ring cell carcinoma (high grade differentiation) was 1.4 months, respectively. Conclusion: The presence of ascites and differentiation were prognostic factors in the patients with incurable liver metastases. Therefore, because prognosis is generally poor after primary tumor resection in the patients with ascites or high grade differentiation, the introduction of systemic chemotherapy with alleviation of symptoms related to the primary tumor should be taken into account as one of the therapeutic strategies.

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Sugimoto, K. , Sakamoto, K. , Tomiki, Y. , Goto, M. , Kojima, Y. , Komiyama, H. , Takahashi, M. , Yaginuma, Y. , Ishiyama, S. , Niwa, K. , Nagayasu, K. , Ito, S. , Kawai, M. , Takehara, K. , Tashiro, Y. and Munakata, S. (2013) Prognostic factors after palliative resection for colorectal cancer with incurable synchronous liver metastasis. Open Journal of Gastroenterology, 3, 259-266. doi: 10.4236/ojgas.2013.35044.

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