Novel intron 2 polymorphism in the melanophilin gene is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and is not associated with coat color in goats


Pigmentation plays important adaptation and physiological efficiency roles in animals. In the sequence of a 648 bp fragment representing intron 1, exon 2, and part of intron 2 of the MLPH mammalian pigmentation gene, we identified a novel g.469C> G mutation in intron 2, and genotyped it in 266 Nigerian goats using PCR-RFLP analysis. The C allele had frequencies of 0.9625, 0.9804 and 0.97405 in West African Dwarf (WAD),Sahel(SH) and Red Sokoto (RS) breeds, respectively. The G allele was the highest in WAD (0.0375), followed by RS (0.02595), and then SH (0.0196). Overall low FIS and FST and high Nm values demonstrate little differentiation within and among the goat breeds at this intronic locus. This g.469C> G polymorphism in MLPH gene is the first in any goat breed and also first in Nigerian goats. Our results suggest that this intronic SNP locus is maintained at Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (P < 0.05) and the lack of association of this SNP with coat color may indicate its neutrality in goats.

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Adefenwa, M. , Agaviezor, B. , Peters, S. , Wheto, M. , Ekundayo, O. , Okpeku, M. , Oboh, B. , Adekoya, K. , Ikeobi, C. , Donato, M. , Thomas, B. and Imumorin, I. (2013) Novel intron 2 polymorphism in the melanophilin gene is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and is not associated with coat color in goats. Open Journal of Genetics, 3, 195-200. doi: 10.4236/ojgen.2013.33022.

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