Shockproof Experimental Study of Automated Stocker System in the High-Tech Factory


This study, with the shake table experiments in the National Earthquake Engineering Research Center, investigated the seismic behavior of automation stocker system. The automation stocker system provided a fast and effective method for stocking products in the high-tech facilities. Firstly, the original machine tests for testing common stocker system were to investigate the seismic capacity and failing modes. Secondly, the team completed 2 kinds of reinforcement tests to investigate the seismic behavior: 1) the installation of bracing to improve overall stiffness; 2) the installation of the viscous dampers to improve the overall damping ratio. In comparing the results and performance of the three experiments, we learned from the results of the top-layer acceleration: the installation of bracing had the largest acceleration value, the original machine the second acceleration value and the damper the lowest acceleration value; the best effect was the installation of the damper. The result of the comparison of the top floor displacement meter showed that the highest data was the original machine; the second data was with the damper, the lowest data was the installation of the bracing. Based on the preliminary assessment on the best seismic retrofit ways of the storage system, we further examined the feasibility and applicability of automatic storage seismic retrofit in the high-tech factory.

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J. Wang, J. Hwang, W. Lin, F. Lin, C. Tsai and P. Chen, "Shockproof Experimental Study of Automated Stocker System in the High-Tech Factory," Open Journal of Earthquake Research, Vol. 2 No. 3, 2013, pp. 47-59. doi: 10.4236/ojer.2013.23006.

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