In vivo evaluation of an experimental root-end filling material versus MTA
Paul D. Eleazer, S. Craig Rhodes, David M. Horn, Patricia DeVilliers, Shi Wei, Lea Novak, Erik D. Dohm, Richard A. Weems, Mark S. Litaker
Animal Resource Program, University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA.
Department of Anatomic Pathology, University of Alabama School of Medicine, Birmingham, USA.
Department of Behavioral and Population Sciences, University of Alabama School of Dentistry, Birmingham, USA.
Department of Endodontics, Texas A&M, Baylor College of Dentistry, Dallas, USA.
Department of Endodontics, University of Alabama School of Dentistry, Birmingham, USA;.
Department of General Dentistry, University of Alabama School of Dentistry, Birmingham, USA.
Private Practice, Birmingham, USA.
Veterans Administration, Atlanta, USA.
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Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) has been found to be very biocompatible in a large number of studies. However, the handling properties can be challenging and research on modified materials to enhance placement are few. The purpose of this study is to compare a new faster setting, and more easily placed preparation with classic MTA in an animal model. Canine premolar teeth from two dogs were randomized and received quadrant surgery timed to allow 50 day and 98 day comparisons. Histologic and radiographic comparisons were made. Results were essentially equal in healing, even close to the materials.

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Eleazer, P. , Rhodes, S. , Horn, D. , DeVilliers, P. , Wei, S. , Novak, L. , Dohm, E. , Weems, R. and Litaker, M. (2013) In vivo evaluation of an experimental root-end filling material versus MTA. Open Journal of Animal Sciences, 3, 19-23. doi: 10.4236/ojas.2013.33A003.

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