Experimental studying of the drug efficiency Prostamax in the therapy of chronic aseptic prostatitis and its complications


The treatment of one of the most common urological diseases, a chronic aseptic prostatitis, is an exigeant problem. Used methods of pharmacotherapy are insufficiently effective and after treatment, as a rule, there comes a recrudescence. The efficiency of new prostatotropic agent Prostamax is studied in the present work, this drug is related to bioregulator peptides at experimental chronic aseptic inflammation of prostate gland. It is established that Prostamax reduces intensity of signs of a chronic inflammation (swelling, hyperemia of vessels, lymphoid infiltration), prevents development of sclerotic and atrophic processes. It is shown that the agent intensifies sexual activity of animals. Efficiency of the preparation Prostamax surpasses that among widespread prostatotropic agents derived from the extract of Serenoa repens and prostate of animals.

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Borovskaya, T. , Pakhomova, A. , Vychuzhanina, A. , Poluektova, M. , Fomina, T. , Ermolaeva, L. , Schemerova, J. , Granstrem, O. and Neplochov, E. (2013) Experimental studying of the drug efficiency Prostamax in the therapy of chronic aseptic prostatitis and its complications. Modern Research in Inflammation, 2, 54-58. doi: 10.4236/mri.2013.23007.

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