Effectively Using the QRFM to Model Truck Trips in Medium-Sized Urban Communities


This paper analyses the effectiveness of applying the Quick Response Freight Manual (QRFM) to model freight transportation. Typically, freight transportation is indirectly modeled or as an after-thought. Increasing freight volumes, coupled with cost saving strategies such as just-in-time delivery systems, require that transportation policymakers analyze infrastructure needs and make investment decisions that explicitly include freight volumes as a component. This paper contains a case study using a medium sized urban area travel model and the QRFM trip generation and a distribution methodology to provide a framework for freight planning that can be used to improve resource allocation decisions.

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Anderson, M. , Dondapati, M. and Harris, G. (2013) Effectively Using the QRFM to Model Truck Trips in Medium-Sized Urban Communities. Journal of Transportation Technologies, 3, 185-189. doi: 10.4236/jtts.2013.33018.

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