Effects of diverse doses of Lead (Pb) on different growth attributes of Zea-Mays L.


The aim of the investigation was to determine the potential effect of lead on maize growth. Lead is considered as important potent environmental contaminant. Various ecological, environmental and evolutionary processes in the microsphere are disrupted because of lead toxicity to the microbial community. The effects of Lead Nitrate (Pb(No3)2) as heavy metal on germination, early growth seedling, root-shoot length, root-shoot fresh and dry weights, total protein content and the uptake of lead by roots and shoots of Zea-mays were investigated. All of the parameters were reduced by the increased lead concentrations. Such growth retardation was due to metals toxicity that resulted in damages to various physiological and biochemical processes.

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Hussain, A. , Abbas, N. , Arshad, F. , Akram, M. , Khan, Z. , Ahmad, K. , Mansha, M. and Mirzaei, F. (2013) Effects of diverse doses of Lead (Pb) on different growth attributes of Zea-Mays L.. Agricultural Sciences, 4, 262-265. doi: 10.4236/as.2013.45037.

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