Thermodynamic Analysis and Synthesis Gas Generation by Chemical-Looping Gasification of Biomass with Nature Hematite as Oxygen Carriers


Thermodynamic parameters of chemical reactions in the system were carried out through thermodynamic analysis. According to the Gibbs free energy minimization principle of the system, equilibrium composition of the reactions of chemical-looping gasification (CLG) of biomass with natural hematite (Fe2O3) as oxygen carrier were analyzed using commercial software of HSC Chemistry 5.1. The feasibility of the CLG of biomass with hematite was experimental verified in a lab-scale bubbling fluidized bed reactor using argon as fluidizing gas. It was indicated the experimental results were consistent with the theoretical analysis. The presence of oxygen carrier gave a significant effect on the biomass conversion and improved the synthesis gas yield obviously. It was observed that the gas content of CO and H2 was over 70% in CLG of biomass. The reduced hematite particles mainly existed in form of FeO. It was showed that the reduction of natural hematite with biomass proceeds in a stepwise manner from Fe2O3 Fe3O4 FeO. Reduction product of natural hematite can be restored the lattice oxygen by oxidation with air.

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Huang, Z. , He, F. , Zheng, A. , Zhao, K. , Chang, S. , Li, X. , Li, H. and Zhao, Z. (2013) Thermodynamic Analysis and Synthesis Gas Generation by Chemical-Looping Gasification of Biomass with Nature Hematite as Oxygen Carriers. Journal of Sustainable Bioenergy Systems, 3, 33-39. doi: 10.4236/jsbs.2013.31004.

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