Diffusion of Sustainable Construction Practices. A Case of International Cooperation


Data shows that buildings play an important role in the field of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The exchange of information among different countries is a key element to promote a wider diffusion of practices for sustainable development in the fields of architecture and urban planning, contributing to the improvement of new skills and economic and production activities, while also reducing the environmental impact of construction on the territory. An international cooperation can lead an exchange of experiences and practices, which could play a fundamental role since countries can have similar problems to deal with, as it happens for the specific identity of the Mediterranean territory in coastal and rural areas. This paper analyses a case of international cooperation, the project SCORE, “Sustainable COnstruction in Rural and fragile areas for energy Efficiency”, financed under the European MED Programme with the purpose to promote sustainable energy policies in the construction sector on fragile coastal and rural Mediterranean areas.

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Giachetta, A. , Perini, K. and Magliocco, A. (2013) Diffusion of Sustainable Construction Practices. A Case of International Cooperation. Open Journal of Energy Efficiency, 2, 46-52. doi: 10.4236/ojee.2013.21008.

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