Reverse Consideration about Construction Enterprises’ Ignoring Information Resource


Through doing investigation and research of several construction enterprises in local city, the author realized the weak areas of engineering management for the construction industry. Therefore, the paper gave such a result that management status for the industry lacks process control, which seriously influences management efficiency and economic benefit of the enterprises. At present, process control of construction enterprises has such problems as the shortage of development and utilization of information resources and poor information flow process. For management and control of the process, most managers of construction enterprises do not use the scientific method and have few of concepts of scientific decision. In view of the construction project schedule, this paper discusses the influence of the information technology on process control, expounds function of the process control for improving enterprise management efficiency and analyzes utilization of information technology and information resource for improving project management. It is aimed at achieving target for strengthening management efficiency.

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Liu, W. (2013) Reverse Consideration about Construction Enterprises’ Ignoring Information Resource. iBusiness, 5, 12-17. doi: 10.4236/ib.2013.51002.

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