PCR-based molecular markers linked to the leaf rust resistance gene Lr19 in different bread wheat cultivars


61 varieties of wheat collected in the gene fund of the Research Institute of Crop Husbandry were screened using SCAR-markers associated with the gene of resistance to brown leaf rust, Lr19. As a result of PCR analysis using SCS123 marker the 737 bp locus was detected in 48 genotypes. The expected fragment of the 688 bp was detected in 53 genotypes using the SCS253 marker. The results obtained using both markers indicate that the Lr19 gene is present on 7D chromosomes of 45 genotypes. The existence of the Lr19 gene has not been proven only for 5 from the 61 analyzed wheat genotypes.

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Huseynova, I. , Guliyeva, F. , Rustamova, S. and Aliyev, J. (2013) PCR-based molecular markers linked to the leaf rust resistance gene Lr19 in different bread wheat cultivars. Advances in Biological Chemistry, 3, 153-158. doi: 10.4236/abc.2013.31019.

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