A Meta-Analysis on the Application of SNS in Education for SMART Learning: Focusing on Korean Case


As the Smart Phone and iPad type devices widely spread all over the world, the Social Network Service (SNS) has become prevalent. The SNS deeply penetrates into personal lives, it also affects learning and education. To evaluate the SNS effects on education, we have analyzed 153 articles from 2009 to 2012 published in Korea to know the current status of the application of the SNS on education in Korea. From this meta-analysis review, we found that the Wiki service is the most widely researched SNS service applicable to education in Korea, and information technology subject is the hottest discipline when considering SNS for education. Also, college level education is the most well prepared school type to use SNS for education. This review results suggest that the most appropriate level of applying smart education – education using smart phone or iPad type devices – is college level or above instead of K-12 education.

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Kim, S. & Song, K. (2012). A Meta-Analysis on the Application of SNS in Education for SMART Learning: Focusing on Korean Case. Creative Education, 3, 82-85. doi: 10.4236/ce.2012.38B018.

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