Educational Model Innovating and Capability Improving Mechanism of Engineering Education Based on CDIO


Educational model innovating and capability improving of engineering education is the driving source of cultivating engineering talents. Combining with educational ideas and educational cycles of CDIO model, a new educational model is constructed for engineering education. The operating process of the new educational model is demonstrated according to objective conceiving, planning and designing, implementing and feedback loop. Finally, in the view of practical optimization, cross integration, moral integrity and according to redundant, the mechanism of educational capability improving is analyzed in detail.

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Lin, X. , Luo, H. , Wu, H. and Xiao, Y. (2012) Educational Model Innovating and Capability Improving Mechanism of Engineering Education Based on CDIO. Creative Education, 3, 93-96. doi: 10.4236/ce.2012.37B024.

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