Division Technique Training Tool for Problem Solving Methods of IPR


We have developed a training tool of division technique among 5 techniques in ASIT for problem solving method for Intellectual Property Right. Even though with its good capability, there were not yet an applicable training tool to use for division training because of its easy disassembled shape with small disturbance. To develop a division technique training tool, we have applied ASIT to game T. We have chosen game shape parts with magnetic rubber and board as the plate coated with zinc. The adhesive strength of the game shape parts to board is enough to keep fixed position even in turn down. Developed division training tool is expected to be used for the e-learning of problem solving training for student education and lifelong education. It is under Korean utility model application. E-learning with open resources including beneficial training for solving problem will be developed together with the foundation of life-long education. This division training device is proposed to younger generation as the educational auxiliary training tool for problem solving method. We are looking for the international cooperation with this division training tool. With the encouragement of this division training tool we have patented Korean patent of the lifting method of methane hydrate which can be extended to various fields of IPR.

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Yoon, G. , Kim, Y. & Lim, S. (2012). Division Technique Training Tool for Problem Solving Methods of IPR. Creative Education, 3, 1404-1408. doi: 10.4236/ce.2012.38205.

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