The association of Crohn’s disease with celiac disease


We report two cases of a man and a woman whose association of Crohn’s disease (CRD) and celiac disease (CD) was evident and significant. The characteristic of our patients was the young age of discovery, and the localization of the CRD which was different in the two cases: colic localization in the woman and ileal stenosing in the man. The diagnosis of MCO was confirmed by the histological study of the jejunal biopsies in both cases and by serologies (anti-gliadines Antibody) in one case. Through these two observations, we insist on the singularity of the association of the celiac disease to the Crohn’s disease and on the complex etiopathogenesis of CRD which could have common points with that of CD. This fact can help us to understand more the two diseases and thereafter master their management.

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Charif, I. , Abkari, M. , Ibrahimi, A. , Yousfi, M. and Yousfi, M. (2012) The association of Crohn’s disease with celiac disease. Open Journal of Gastroenterology, 2, 184-186. doi: 10.4236/ojgas.2012.24036.

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