Semi-Markovian Model of Monotonous System Maintenance with Regard to Operating Time to Failure of Each Element
Yuriy E. Obzherin, Aleksey I. Peschansky
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An explicit form of reliability and economical stationary performance indexes for monotonous multicomponent system with regard to its elements’ maintenance has been found. The maintenance strategy investigated supposes preventive maintenance execution for elements that has attained certain operating time to failure. Herewith for the time period of elements’ maintenance or restoration operable elements are not deactivated. The problems of maintenance execution frequency optimization have been solved. For the model building the theory of semi-Markovian processes with a common phase field of states is used.

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Y. Obzherin and A. Peschansky, "Semi-Markovian Model of Monotonous System Maintenance with Regard to Operating Time to Failure of Each Element," Intelligent Information Management, Vol. 2 No. 8, 2010, pp. 447-456. doi: 10.4236/iim.2010.28055.

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