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Plexiform Angiomyxoid Myofibroblastic Tumor of the Stomach

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Plexiform angiomyxoid myofibroblastic tumor (PAMT) is a recently described gastric tumor with a peculiar plexiform pattern, bland spindle cells and a myxoid stroma rich in arborizing blood vessels. PAMT of the stomach is a very rare tumor without distinctive clinical manifestations. In this study, we report a new case of PAMT which is the first Chinese case in English literature. A 47-year-old Chinese woman was admitted with a 6-month history of intermittent epigastric discomfort, and abdominal pain for 2 months. Gastroscopy showed an elevated mass in the anterior wall of the gastric antrum. Endoscopic ultrasound revealed a focal hypoechoic lesion protruding into the lumen. A laparoscopic distal gastrectomy was performed, and the patient made an uneventful recovery and remains well 1.5 years later. A diagnosis of PAMT was made by histopathology and immunochemistry.

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P. Li, Q. Zhang, X. Jia, Q. Li, Z. Li and Z. Wang, "Plexiform Angiomyxoid Myofibroblastic Tumor of the Stomach," Open Journal of Pathology, Vol. 2 No. 4, 2012, pp. 147-149. doi: 10.4236/ojpathology.2012.24027.


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