Astrophysical Constraints on the Scale of Left-Right Symmetry in Inverse Seesaw Models


We revisit the recently studied supersymmetric gauged inverse seesaw model [1] to incorporate astrophysical constraints on lightest supersymmetric particle (LSP) lifetime such that LSP constitutes the dark matter of the Universe. The authors in [1] considered light sneutrino LSP that can play the role of inelastic dark matter (iDM) such that desired iDM mass splitting and tiny Majorana masses of neutrinos can have a common origin. Here we consider a generalized version of this model without any additional discrete symmetry. We point out that due to spontaneous R-parity(Rp=(-1)3(B-L)+2s) breaking in such generic supersymmetric gauged inverse seesaw models, LSP can not be perfectly stable but decays to standard model particles after non-renormalizable operators allowed by the gauge symmetry are introduced. We show that strong astrophysical constraints on LSP lifetime makes sneutrino dark matter more natural than standard neutralino dark matter. We also show that long-livedness of sneutrino dark matter constrains the left right symmetry breaking scale MR<104 GeV.

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Borah, D. (2012) Astrophysical Constraints on the Scale of Left-Right Symmetry in Inverse Seesaw Models. Journal of Modern Physics, 3, 1097-1102. doi: 10.4236/jmp.2012.329144.

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