A Predicted Region based Cache Replacement Policy for Location Dependent Data in Mobile Environment


Caching frequently accessed data items on the mobile client is an effective technique to improve the system performance in mobile environment. Proper choice of cache replacement technique to find a suitable subset of items for eviction from cache is very important because of limited cache size. Available policies do not take into account the movement patterns of the client. In this paper, we propose a new cache replacement policy for location dependent data in mobile environment. The proposed policy uses a predicted region based cost function to select an item for eviction from cache. The policy selects the predicted region based on client’s movement and uses it to calculate the data distance of an item. This makes the policy adaptive to client’s movement pattern unlike earlier policies that consider the directional / non-directional data distance only. We call our policy the Prioritized Predicted Region based Cache Replacement Policy (PPRRP). Simulation results show that the proposed policy significantly improves the system performance in comparison to previous schemes in terms of cache hit ratio.

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KUMAR, A. , MISRA, M. and SARJE, A. (2008) A Predicted Region based Cache Replacement Policy for Location Dependent Data in Mobile Environment. International Journal of Communications, Network and System Sciences, 1, 79-94. doi: 10.4236/ijcns.2008.11012.

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