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JMMCE> Vol.11 No.7, July 2012
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Influence of Sputter Deposition Time on the Growth of c-Axis Oriented AlN/Si Thin Films for Microelectronic Application

Abstract Full-Text HTML Download Download as PDF (Size:563KB) PP. 724-729
DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2012.117059    4,773 Downloads   6,519 Views   Citations
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V. VasanthiPillay, K. Vijayalakshmi


Department of Physics, Bishop Heber College, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India.
Department of Physics, Sujatha Degree and PG college for women, Hyderabad, AndhraPradesh, India.


Aluminum Nitride films were grown on and Si (100) substrate by D.C. reactive magnetron sputtering at room temperature. Influence of sputter deposition time on properties of the AlN films was studied. Structural optical and electrical properties of the film were investigated. XRD measurements showed the presence of hexagonal wurtzite structure. The optical reflectance spectra of the film were taken and the band gap calculated varied from 4.35 to 5.3 eV. Finally MIS capacitors were fabricated on silicon substrates and variation of dielectric parameter with deposition time was reported.


Aluminum Nitride; Thin Films; Sputtering; Preferential Orientations

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V. VasanthiPillay and K. Vijayalakshmi, "Influence of Sputter Deposition Time on the Growth of c-Axis Oriented AlN/Si Thin Films for Microelectronic Application," Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering, Vol. 11 No. 7, 2012, pp. 724-729. doi: 10.4236/jmmce.2012.117059.

Conflicts of Interest

The authors declare no conflicts of interest.


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