Patient participation in relation to life style changes—A literature review


The objective of this literature review was to identify and examine research where Patient Participation was used as a part of intervention targeting general life style among patients who comes in contact with a nurse. A literature search were conducted and included papers where judged by the researcher using recommendation from The Danish Centre for Clinical Guidelines. Analysis of the papers was carried out using Per?kyl? and Ruusuvauoris five components of Patient Participation as a theoretical template. It was concluded that the clinical effects of Patient Participation still needs to be clarified.

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Konradsen, H. , Nielsen, H. , Larsen, M. and Hansen, C. (2012) Patient participation in relation to life style changes—A literature review. Open Journal of Nursing, 2, 27-33. doi: 10.4236/ojn.2012.22005.

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