Comparative Study of the One Dimensional Dielectric and Metallic Photonic Crystals


The optical transmission properties of two types of photonic crystals have been analyzed by using the transfer matrix method. The first one is the dielectric photonic crystal (DPC), and the second is the metallic photonic crystal (MPC). We found the dielectric and metallic photonic crystals have different transmission spectra. The effect of the most prameters on the transmission spectra of the dielectric and metallic photonic crystals has been studied.

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A. Aly, M. Ismaeel and E. Abdel-Rahman, "Comparative Study of the One Dimensional Dielectric and Metallic Photonic Crystals," Optics and Photonics Journal, Vol. 2 No. 2, 2012, pp. 105-112. doi: 10.4236/opj.2012.22014.

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