Metastatic Soft Tissue Tumors


Between 1998 and 2007, we treated 157 patients with malignant soft tissue tumors. Patients with obvious lymph node metastasis, metastasis from bone or soft tissue sarcoma, and with obvious advanced stage disease which had multiple metastases were excluded from the present analysis. Finally, sixteen of the 157 patients were diagnosed to have soft tissue metastasis from carcinomas or hematopoietic malignancies. There were 10 males and 6 females with an average age of 65 (range, 50 - 83) years. Four lesions were located in the abdomen and back, 3 in the thigh, 2 in the chest, and 1 lesion each in the upper arm, lower leg and buttock. There were 9 intramuscular and 7 subcutaneous metastases. The average tumor size was 6 cm (range 2 - 17 cm). The initial diagnoses were a primary soft tissue tumor in 8 cases, primary soft tissue tumor or metastatic soft tissue tumor in 6, and inflammatory lesions in 2. Four of the 6 cases were suspected to be a metastatic soft tissue tumor in the initial diagnosis based on a past history of malignancy. There were no characteristic findings of metastatic soft tissue tumors in the imaging studies. The primary origins were lung cancer in 6 cases, malignant lymphoma in 5, gastric cancer in 2, and esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer and uterine cancer in 1 patient each. Treatments were administered to all cases, including radiotherapy and chemotherapy in 11, chemotherapy in 2, wide resection and chemotherapy in 1, radiotherapy in 1 and palliative therapy in 1. The final oncological status was continuous disease free survival in 1 patient, no evidence of disease in 1, alive with disease in 7, and dead of disease in 7 patients. The estimated one-year survival was 47% and the two-year survival was 0%.

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T. Torigoe, A. Terakado, Y. Suehara, T. Okubo, T. Takagi, K. Kaneko and Y. Yazawa, "Metastatic Soft Tissue Tumors," Journal of Cancer Therapy, Vol. 2 No. 5, 2011, pp. 746-751. doi: 10.4236/jct.2011.25100.

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