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Volume 6, Issue 2 (February 2018)

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From the Failure of African Socialism, How to Set a New Trend for a New Generation?

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From 1960, most of the African nations got their political independence. Many countries started to establish national and regional vision about the future. Then some political scientist, state men and scholars came out with a new philosophy called socialism. The concept of socialism was at the same time philosophical and ideological conviction made to promote national and regional unity in Africa. Unfortunately, the concept was misunderstood by most of the leaders to some extent, but also, the lack of good will led some others to mislead their own people by fighting against the idea of socialism. The fact that many Africans were not educated, contributed to the growth and expansion of socialism with effectiveness. For all these reasons, the application of socialism was difficult, even impossible. In this article, we are trying to explain the main reason of the failure of this political and philosophical thought and set a new trend for the new generation.

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Yacouba, C. and Wologueme, B. (2018) From the Failure of African Socialism, How to Set a New Trend for a New Generation?. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 6, 27-36. doi: 10.4236/jss.2018.62003.

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