Volume 7, Issue 2 (May 2016)

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Generalized Method of Biparametric Sub Pixel Thermal Location

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It is well-known that according the Dozier’s method, utilization of integral of Planks function in fusion of signals of two different channels of airborne radiometer makes it possible to compute such components of temperature field within one pixel as temperatures of the object and background. In the paper, the generalization of Dozier method is suggested. The suggested generalization of Dozier’s bispectral method named as biparametric method is applicable for static remote objects. In the suggested biparametric method, the measurements are carried out at the moments t1 and t2. It is assumed that the object temperature reaches quantity T(t1) and T(t2) at these moments. On the bases of operational data of scanning infrared radiometer, the square area of one pixel can be calculated in dependence of distance between object and radiometer. This makes it possible to carry out location of static objects from two basis points using serial single wavelengths measurements of radiation emitted by the sub pixel object.

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Mehdiyev, A. , Abdullayev, N. , Abdulov, R. , Asadov, H. and Abdullayeva, S. (2016) Generalized Method of Biparametric Sub Pixel Thermal Location. Positioning, 7, 75-79. doi: 10.4236/pos.2016.72007.

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