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Volume 2, Issue 9 (September 2014)

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Inspection on Reality of Kindergarten Teachers’ Educational Behaviors
—A Case Study in China

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DOI: 10.4236/jss.2014.29048    4,413 Downloads   5,401 Views  Citations


The research selects 20 kindergarten teachers in urban and rural areas in Chongqing as the samples and adopts time sampling observation method to investigate into kindergarten teachers’ educational behaviors from seven perspectives, i.e. education & teaching, participation into children’s activities, daily behavioral management, observation& monitoring, custody and emotional expression, teachers’ daily activities and teachers’ personal activities. Research results show that kindergarten teachers’ educational behaviors have improved better than before and become more and more reasonable. However, there are still some problems, such as excessive teaching and requirements, inadequate listening to children’s ideas and stimulation of their initiatives, low effectiveness of evaluation on children’s behaviors, excessive orders and interventions in daily management, inadequate emotional exchanges between teachers and children, insufficient care for children’s individual demands, etc.

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Li, J. and Li, X. (2014) Inspection on Reality of Kindergarten Teachers’ Educational Behaviors
—A Case Study in China. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 2, 296-303. doi: 10.4236/jss.2014.29048.

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