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Volume 13, Issue 1 (February 2023)

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Meningioma of the Optical Nerves in a Case at the Hospitalier Center of Saint Denis in Ile de France

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Summary: Optic nerve tumors are rare tumors, representing 3% - 5% of intracranial tumors developing mainly along the optic nerve and/or the chiasm. Optic nerve meningiomas are histologically benign tumors whose severity is linked to diagnostic and especially therapeutic difficulties. The Optic nerve meningioma is the second leading cause of optic nerve tumor after glioma. Observation: We report the case of a 49-year-old woman from South Asia, who consults an ophthalmology department for progressive visual loss in her right eye for about a year with her glasses and would like to renew her optical correction. Having no particular medical history apart from left unilateral blindness is known for approximately 15 years. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (IRM) cerebral found a tissue mass with a clear outline and polylobules on the left temporo-peduncular. Through this case, we describe the circumstances of discovery of the disease, the clinical characteristics, as well as our diagnostic approach. Conclusion: In the majority of cases, these are benign tumours, the circumstances of which are discovered in multiple ways. A mostly unilateral and non-improvable loss of visual acuity must attract our attention. Renewing glasses may be the reason for discovering the disease. Today Magnetic Resonance Imaging (IRM) remains an important and capital examination for the diagnosis and monitoring of this pathology.

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Dembele, A. , Sidibe, M. , Conaré, I. , Sidibé, M. , Florence, L. , Julien, S. , Napo, A. , Goita, D. , Diallo, O. , Dembele, D. , Togo, M. , Koita, K. , Coulibaly, A. , Tounkara, C. , Touré, N. , Konaté, A. , Traore, J. , Bamani, S. , Traoré, L. and Théra, J. (2023) Meningioma of the Optical Nerves in a Case at the Hospitalier Center of Saint Denis in Ile de France. Open Journal of Ophthalmology, 13, 23-29. doi: 10.4236/ojoph.2023.131003.

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