Journal of Computer and Communications

Volume 10, Issue 3 (March 2022)

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A Comprehensive Analysis of Quality of Service (QoS) in ZigBee Network through Mobile and Fixed Node

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The standard specification of IEEE 802.15.4 is called ZigBee Propocol. ZigBee protocol required security, low data transfer rate, power efficient network. In addition, the ZigBee mobility function makes the ZigBee network more interactive and multi-purpose. The ZigBee mobile node has a significant effect on network parameters, namely MAC delay, end-to-end delay, MAC throughput and network load. However, a particular significant ZigBee node affects network data traffic and reduces the strength of the Quality of Service (QoS). The key issues are to analyze the QoS in order to increase overall performance of the network. The study proposes a ZigBee network with the mobile node and fixed node based on a variety of MAC layer settings. The Riverbed Network Simulator (Academic Modeler Release 17.5) is used for configuring and simulating the ZigBee network in a variety of conditions. The simulation results show that ZigBee with a fixed node performs better than the ZigBee mobile node. The ZigBee network with fixed node produces a lower network load and a high ratio of successfully transmitted data. The analysis of this study allows the ZigBee network to be better designed.

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Islam, N. , Hossain, M. and Rahman, A. (2022) A Comprehensive Analysis of Quality of Service (QoS) in ZigBee Network through Mobile and Fixed Node. Journal of Computer and Communications, 10, 86-99. doi: 10.4236/jcc.2022.103006.

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