Journal of Modern Physics

Volume 12, Issue 7 (May 2021)

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A “Potency-Act” Interpretation of Quantum Physics

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Some considerations are presented on the so called “ontological interpretations” of quantum physics, starting from a remark by Werner Heisenberg on the relation between the probabilistic character of quantum states and the Aristotelian notion of “potency”. We show how an interesting revival of the original idea by Heisenberg can be found in the recent scientific and epistemological literature, in order to solve some paradoxical aspects emerging within some of the usual interpretations of quantum physics. Moreover a way seems to be open in order to rediscover the role of Aristotelian-Thomistic notion of “analogy” of “causal agents” operating even in the physical world. The “Potency-Act” interpretation of quantum physics appears aside the role of the Aristotelian notion of “Form” when it is compared with the recent notion of “information” in the context of the physics of “complex systems” and the biology of “living systems”.

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Strumia, A. (2021) A “Potency-Act” Interpretation of Quantum Physics. Journal of Modern Physics, 12, 959-970. doi: 10.4236/jmp.2021.127058.

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