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Volume 8, Issue 1 (January 2021)

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An Efficient Identity-Based Forward Secure Signature Scheme from Lattices

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With the use of a large number of mobile devices, the problem of key leakage becomes more and more serious. In view of the excellent characteristics of lattice cipher and forward-secure digital signature scheme, the construction of identity-based forward-secure digital signature based on lattice technology has become a research hotspot. However, the identity-based forward secure digital signature scheme on the existing grid has the disadvantage of excessive signature length. This paper uses the technique (without trapdoors) of Lyubashevsky and extended Samplepre, an efficient identity-based forward secure signature scheme from lattice is proposed. Its security is based on the Small Integer Solution (SIS) difficulty assumption, and the strong non-forgery of the signature scheme is achieved. The analysis results show that, compared with the existing schemes, the key and signature are smaller in size, more efficient in computing, able to resist quantum attacks, and more practical.

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Wu, G. and Huang, R.W. (2021) An Efficient Identity-Based Forward Secure Signature Scheme from Lattices. Open Access Library Journal, 8, 1-15. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1107126.

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