Journal of Biosciences and Medicines

Volume 8, Issue 6 (June 2020)

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The Effects of Distance and Duration of Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation of Hair Dryer on Rat Sperm Parameters

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Background: As a part of modern life, using electromagnetic field exposure has increased. EMFs might produce a variety of adverse effects on different parts of human body including the reproductive system. The consequences of exposure to the emitted EMFs from a hair dryer on sperm parameters were the major concerns of the present study. Materials and Methods: Fifty four adult Male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly assigned to 9 groups. Samples from all experimental groups received exposure with two different modes: switch on (hot wind) and switch off (cold wind). Samples of group 1 (control) maintained under experimental conditions without any exposure. The exposure protocol for samples in groups 2 to 9 were 10 cm at 10 min—on, 10 cm at 10 min—off, 10 cm at 20 min—on, 10 cm at 20 min—off, 20 cm at 10 min—on, 20 cm at 10 min—off, 20 cm at 20 min—on, 20 cm at 20 min—off. After exposure sperm motility was analyzed with a light microscope as a blind experiment. Nonparametric tests were used to detect statistically significant differences between different groups. Results: Findings of our study indicated no significant changes in the frequency of sluggish and non-motile sperms of rats in the control group compared to all treatment groups and showed statistically significant differences between the relative frequency of progressive sperms in control group rats compared to all treatment groups except groups 2 and 7. There were no statically significant changes between groups with different time and distance. Sperm count and morphology were not affected by microwave emitted from hair dryer. Conclusion: Exposure to the hair dryer microwaves affects sperm motility, which is amongst the key parameters determining the chance of conceiving.

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Safari, S. , Mortazavi, S. , Aghazade, N. and Mousavi, Y. (2020) The Effects of Distance and Duration of Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation of Hair Dryer on Rat Sperm Parameters. Journal of Biosciences and Medicines, 8, 17-27. doi: 10.4236/jbm.2020.86002.

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