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Volume 9, Issue 11 (November 2019)

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Pregnancy and Oral Pathology

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Introduction: Dental pathologies during pregnancy can compromise the prognosis of pregnancy and that of the mother. We report a first-study of cases of association of pregnancy and oral pathology supported in the Department of Odonto-stomatology of the National Hospital of Niamey. Objective: To report epidemiology, treatment and prognosis of dental origin cervicofacial cellulitis associated with pregnancy. Patients and Methods: This is a retrospective and prospective study over 5 years from August 1st, 2013 to July 31, 2018 involving 21 pregnant women in the Odonto-stomatology Department of the National Hospital of Niamey (HNN). Results: During the study period, 585 patients were consulted in the Odonto-stomatology Department for cervicofacial tooth cellulitis of dental origin, 21 of them were pregnant women (3.39%). The average age of the pregnant patients was 29.57 years old, extrems 25 - 29 years old. The average delay before consultation was 28.76 days. Majority patients were rural inhabitants The pathology happened in the third trimester of pregnancy (52.39%), second trimester (33.33%), in first (14.29%). This pathology was observed among disadvantaged socioeconomic class as housewives (85.71%) and uneducated women (61.90%). The lake of oral hygien was the main cause of cellulitis. We noted a history of periodontal disease (52.38%), fever upper 38°C (61.90%), trismus (85.71%,) dysphonia (42.86%), odynophagia (23.81%), dysphagia (42.86%), dyspnea (33.33%), and cervicofacial swelling (100%.) The treatment was medico-surgical. The prognosis depended on the precocious treatment with 76.19% cured. But unfortunately 4 cases died (19.05%), still for birth (52.38%) and 9.52% abortion. Conclusion: Association dental origin cervicofacial c

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