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Volume 7, Issue 4 (April 2019)

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The Evolution of Theisms: The Four Technological Revolutions and the Four Theistic Revolutions

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This paper posits that in the evolution of theisms, the main function of theism is to pacify enlarged social structure derived from technological revolution. Therefore, the four technological revolutions (the Upper Paleolithic, Agricultural-Bronze, Iron, and Industrial Revolutions) produce the four enlarged social structures (linked egalitarian bands, decentralized union of hierarchical states, mega centralized empire, and global human community, respectively) whose internal conflicts to be pacified by the four theistic revolutions (the Egalitarian Band, Pluralistic State, Top-down Imperial, and Bottom-up Community Theistic Revolutions, respectively, for the egalitarian band, pluralistic state, top-down imperial, and bottom-up community theisms, respectively). This paper deals with the evolution of theisms in accordance of a biological understanding of evolution in terms of natural selection. For natural selection of the evolution of theisms through individual human innovations, theism better adapted to their environment, mainly, the technological revolution, tends to survive and propagate. In conclusion, biological evolution, the evolution of theisms, and bottom-up community theism are bottom-up processes involving bottom-up organisms’ efforts.

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