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Inventory and Regularity of Scientific Productions of Teachers in Lubumbashi Nursing College (from March 2006 up to April 2018)

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Introduction: Thanks to the scientific publication information may be essentially known inside the scientific work and those publications are taking the primordial place in researching. It’s thanks to the publication that a performance of a high teaching facility and university is assessed. Objective: This research is aimed to scientific productions work of teachers of Lubumbashi Nursing College from March 2006 up to April 2018. Methods: We have used the descriptive and bibliographic methods. The data were collected using the questionnaire method and the documentary analysis. Out of one hundred and twenty (120) scientific and academic personals, only thirty nine (39) have fulfilled the condition required to participate research. So, in the period of twelve years, we have collected sixty eight (68) scientific productions. Outcome: We have noticed a disproportion between the number of the teachers who should produce and the number of publication that have been produced. Secondly, we’ve also noticed the irregularity of put that is out of one hundred twenty scientific teachers; we realized fourteen (14) articles which were published by the female teachers against to fifty four (54) produced by the male teachers. This is to say that in the international magazine ten (10) articles were published and fifty eight (58) were produced locally. This irregularity of publishing is due to the fact that research is able to publish unless (there is a promise of promotion) his expecting to be promoted. Otherwise, publication became sometimes non-existent. Conclusion: A teacher who is also a researcher has to publish and inform others about his researches. The work done by ISTM of Lubumbashi Teachers during the period of twelve years has produced sixty eight (68) articles for thirty mine (38) writers. Not more than half has been published. And we come to realize that writers have last the interest of publishing.

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