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Volume 11, Issue 6 (December 2018)

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A Review on the Adaptability of Tourism and Social-Ecosystem

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With the development of tourism, tourist activities all the time impact tourist areas of economic, cultural, social and ecological environment, inappropriate tourism development mode or management strategy can cause resources exhausted or even degradation in the tourist destination, and complex human society in the process of maintaining stability of the system played a key role. Adaptability is an important part of social-ecosystem research, so it is of great value to study the adaptability of tourism destination social-ecological system in tourism development. Based on the analysis of the theory of social-ecological system and its adaptability, this paper summarizes the research status of the social-ecosystem in the tourism area under the disturbance of tourism. Through literature analysis and induction, from “adapting to the object”, “adapting to the subject” and “adapting to the type and method” three viewpoint outlined the adaptability research direction and its practice, and points out the research focus and developing direction of the future tourism destination social-ecosystem adaptability on across-scales, different subject, system factors and city aspects.

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