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Volume 5, Issue 11 (November 2018)

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Anonymous Unemployed 2.0: The Needs of Forgotten Italian Workers

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The unemployment rate of economically developed countries up to a few years ago is increasing and there are many intervention projects to manage this increase. Despite this, more and more human resources belong to the Job-less generation, including workers in protected categories, young people and workers forced to retrain, who fall into a spiral of silence, from which they can hardly get out, becoming “invisible”. For this reason, the research aims to introduce a new perspective regarding listening to marginalized workers, observing them in natural contexts where it is easier to express their opinions. To date, the digital revolution and the organization of users on the Net, has allowed the creation of virtual groups that have become real movements of revolt or self-support. The study aims to investigate, through the virtual narratives of invisible workers, what are the real needs of a Job-less Human Resources in the current working situation and how it is possible to intervene to manage this emergency, starting from the assumption that it is necessary to promote a dialogue between workers and companies. The perspective used is the diatextual analysis, thanks to which the virtual experiences of 2.0 workers are considered in the light of the dense interweaving of text and context of enunciation. The methodology used is qualitative: a critical analysis of the discourse is applied, where the socio-epistemic rhetoric is highlighted, and it has been useful for understanding the requirements and needs of workers in the era of professional flexibility, on which they can take an intervention based on the person as a human resource, in order to face unemployment and not to forget them.

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