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Volume 8, Issue 12 (October 2018)

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Patient Preferences in the Treatment of Vaginal Candidiasis

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Vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC) is one of the most frequent problems facing women and their healthcare professionals (HCP). It is difficult for providers to understand the prevalence of VVC because effective over the counter treatments (OTC), are available. It is expected that there are a great many more episodes of VVC in our patient population, as the frequency of self-treatment, success and satisfaction for those that use OTC products prior to seeing a women’s health care provider is unknown. In this study; healthcare providers were given OTC miconazole/tioconazole units for free distribution to patients for whom they diagnosed VVC by exam in their offices. Surveys for both HCP and patients were also distributed to determine the initial or recurrent nature of their symptoms and their satisfaction with their treatments. 1265 OBGYNs and 1821 NP/CNM/PAs reported on over 19,000 patients receiving a single complete treatment. Among HCPs, treatment efficacy was the primary reason for recommending miconazole/tioconazole. However, rapid onset of symptom relief, safety vs. fluconazole, patient preference for the less messy ovule, avoidance with drugs metabolized by the liver, and resistance to, or failure on, fluconazole were additional reasons noted for topical preference. Overall, patient satisfaction (n = 317) was high at 95%, with 97% of patients reporting that they would use miconazole again. Importantly, 100% of first time sufferers (n = 95) would use miconazole again. The few patients dissatisfied with miconazole (2%), reported no symptom relief, burning after use, an allergic reaction, pain from the applicator or a messy discharge. Most patients using the external symptom relief products were satisfied with the external cream (93%) and wipes (96%). Almost all patients reported their yeast infection was cured (91%) and that they experienced quick symptom relief (94%), despite the prevalence of recurrent vs first time VVA sufferers that presented to offices in this trial. Most patients were cured and satisfied with their treatment, therefore supporting the use of topical miconazole/tioconazole as first line therapy for vulvovaginal candidiasis patients presenting to a healthcare office.

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