Journal of Modern Physics

Volume 9, Issue 8 (July 2018)

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Predicted Dark Matter Quantitation in Flat Space Cosmology

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The purpose of this paper is to show how the dark matter predictions of FSC differ with respect to the standard cosmology assertion of a universal dark matter-to-visible matter ratio of approximately 5.3-to-1. FSC predicts the correct ratio to be approximately 9-to-1, based primarily on the universal observations of global spatial flatness in the context of general relativity. The FSC Friedmann equations incorporating a Lambda Λ cosmological term clearly indicate that a spatially flat universe must have equality of the positive curvature (matter mass-energy) and negative curvature (dark energy) density components. Thus, FSC predicts that observations of the Milky Way and the nearly co-moving galaxies within 100 million light years will prove the 5.3-to-1 ratio to be incorrect. The most recent galactic and perigalactic observations indicate a range of dark matter-to-visible matter ratios varying from essentially zero (NGC 1052-DF2) to approximately 23-to-1 (Milky Way). The latter ratio is simply astonishing and promises an exciting next few years for astrophysicists and cosmologists. Within the next few years, the mining of huge data bases (especially the Gaia catalogue and Hubble data) will resolve whether standard cosmology will need to change its current claims for the cosmic energy density partition to be more in line with FSC, or whether FSC is falsified. A prediction is that standard cosmology must eventually realize the necessity of resolving the tension between their flatness observations and their assertion of dark energy dominance. The author makes the further prediction that FSC will soon become the new paradigm in cosmology.

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Tatum, E. (2018) Predicted Dark Matter Quantitation in Flat Space Cosmology. Journal of Modern Physics, 9, 1559-1563. doi: 10.4236/jmp.2018.98096.

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