Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology

Volume 4, Issue 3 (July 2018)

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Law of Universal Magnetism, F = ke × H

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A new universal equation using planet magnetic pole strength is presented and given reasoning for its assemblage. Coulomb’s Constant, normally used in calculating electrostatic force is utilized in a new magnetic dipole equation for the first time, along with specific orbital energy. Results were generated for five planets that give insight into specific orbital energy as an energy constant for differing planets based on gravitational potential at the surface of a planet. Specific energy can be evaluated as both energy per unit volume (J/kg) and/or specific orbital energy (m2/s2). Due to a multitude of terms that lead to confusion it is recommended that the IEEE standards committee review specific orbital energy SI units for m2/s2. The magic number for cyclonic “lift off”, or anti-gravity, is calculated to be = 148 m2/s2 the value at which a classical law of magnetism appears as F = ke × H.

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