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Effects of Mild Hyperthermia Treatment Using Nano-Mist Sauna on Blood Gas Parameters and Skin Appearance

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Physicians often observe patients’ complexion (their natural skin color) as an indicator of health. The complexion may depend on the internal environment, however, very few researchers studied its evidence. We previously reported various benefits of a mild hyperthermia treatment on human health using the nano-mist sauna (NMS), including acceleration of gas exchange (O2 and CO2) in the venous blood, enhancement of immunity, and the modulation of autonomic nervous system. However, the effects of NMS on skin appearance are unknown. There is a historical and widespread belief that mild hyperthermic treatments such as hot springs are good for improving skin appearance. However, the effect of NMS on the skin appearance has not been examined. In the present study, we examined the color of venous blood using the CIELAB (a color space specified by the French Commission internationale de l’éclairage) method, and then compared the color changes before and after NMS stimulation. Next, we examined correlations of blood gas parameters with color elements of the venous blood, which are highly dependent on oxygen. Our results suggest that the colors and appearance of the face depend on the internal environment, because there are numerous vessels under the skin. Thus, the color of the venous blood may provide medical evidence of changes in complexion. This new method may be useful for assessment of medical complexion by physicians, for use in determining internal health based on skin color information.

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