International Journal of Internet and Distributed Systems

Volume 3, Issue 1 (February 2018)

ISSN Print: 2327-7157   ISSN Online: 2327-7165


A Network Coding Based Cloud Storage Scheme

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DOI: 10.4236/ijids.2018.31001    734 Downloads   1,287 Views   Citations


With this paper, we propose a network coding based cloud storage scheme. The storage system is in the form of an m * n data array. The n columns stand for n storage nodes, which are comprised of a part of systematic nodes storing source symbols and a part of nonsystematic nodes storing parity symbols. Every row of the data array is a (n, k) systematic Maximum Distance Separable (MDS) code. A source symbol is only involved in the encoding with the unique row; it locates at and is not used by other rows. Such a design significantly decreases the complexity of encoding and decoding. Moreover, in case of single node failures, we use interference alignment to further reduce repair bandwidth. Compared to some existing cloud storage schemes, our scheme significantly reduces resource consumption on storage, update bandwidth and repair bandwidth.

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