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Volume 3, Issue 3 (September 2017)

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To Be or Not to Be…? Part I: Is Global Climate Change a Future Reality?

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In the popular, scientific, and politically directed press, and in all kinds of media, e.g., television debates, fictional films, pseudoscientific programs, and animations for children, global climate change is presented as a future reality as a result of human activity. The contrary perspectives on global climate as a global climate stability or a global climate that is independent of human activity, and global climate dependency on other-than-human (e.g., lunar or solar) activities have not been presented in official press, and have been suppressed in popular and “scientific literature”. It is obvious that politicians are not interested in the real state, and their decision has already been done based on other grounds than the reality. A great variety of narrow-minded persons should feel subdued, live safely, and be tranquil in their ignorance even if in future they may be robbed for their money and made to look foolish. Our series of papers, “To be or not to be…?” will discuss actions performed by humans that are harmful to the environment and to the global climate, global climate fluctuations that do not depend on human activity, or depend on causes that are beyond human activity.

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