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Volume 7, Issue 4 (October 2017)

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d-Distance Coloring of Generalized Petersen Graphs P(n, k)

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A coloring of G is d-distance if any two vertices at distance at most d from each other get different colors. The minimum number of colors in d-distance colorings of G is its d-distance chromatic number, denoted by χd(G). In this paper, we give the exact value of χd(G) (d = 1, 2), for some types of generalized Petersen graphs P(n, k) where k = 1, 2, 3 and arbitrary n.

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Shaheen, R. , Kanaya, Z. and Jakhlab, S. (2017) d-Distance Coloring of Generalized Petersen Graphs P(n, k). Open Journal of Discrete Mathematics, 7, 185-199. doi: 10.4236/ojdm.2017.74017.

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[1] Distanční barvení grafů

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