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Volume 8, Issue 4 (April 2017)

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Assessment of Heavy Metals Pollution of Some Water Resources (Kafr El-Dawar—Egypt)

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Kafr El-Dawar is a major industrial city and a municipality on the Nile Delta in northern Egypt. Kafr El-Dawar area is unfortunately suffering from many factories that let out their waste water into the irrigation canal and agricultural drains. Twenty five water samples were collected from five water resources to assess their heavy pollution. The determination of heavy metals (HV) water resources content conducted to compose the following increasing HV concentration sequences ; Drain Abu Qir (DA): Min (Cu)_Max (Zn), Canal Dbora Deufsho (CD): Min (Cu)_Max (Zn), Drain Dbora Abu Qir (DD): Min (Cu)_Max (Fe), Drain Kafr Dawar Deufsho (DK) : Min (Cu)_Max (Mn) and Drain Yarn and Fabric (DY) Min (Cu)_Max (Zn). Distribution patterns of HV concentration of water resources were (a) wide spread-distribution (Cr, Co, Mn), (b) moderately spread distribution pattern (Cu, Ni, Pb),and (c) narrow spread distribution pattern (Fe, Cd, Li and Zn) . The association study conducted to classify the HV concentration into three groups; positively highly correlated HV: (Pb_Cd), (Pb_Co), (Pb_Cr), (Cd_Co), (Zn_Fe), (Cr_Co), (Ni_Co) and (Ni_Fe), negatively highly correlated HV: (Pb_Mn), (Cd_Mn), (Mn_Cu) and (Co_Li) and intermediate cases (non-significant positive and negative intercorrelation) that was represented by the other cases. The low values of contamination factor, of short term use (CfiST), showed that the majority of HV concentration, of the studied water resources was at safe use level. This certainly with exception of the cases of cadmium that classified the water resources DA and CD, and DD into polluted and risky levels, respectively. The high values of contamination factor, of long term use (CfiLT), indicated that the studied water resources were mainly contaminated by Cd, Co and Cr heavy metals. Contrary, the low values of (CfiLT) of Zn, Fe, Li, Ni, Pb and Cu, all studied water resources are safe. Contamination degree index (Cd) indicated the safe use at short term of water resources (DA), (CD) and (DD), and (DY) water resources were highly contaminated. According to (Cd) values, moderate risk is expected if we use the water resource (DK), even in the short term. As for the long term use, all studied water resources were highly contaminated that they cannot be absolutely used in the long run.

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El-Hady, A. and Boder, E. (2017) Assessment of Heavy Metals Pollution of Some Water Resources (Kafr El-Dawar—Egypt). Natural Resources, 8, 306-319. doi: 10.4236/nr.2017.84019.

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