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Volume 7, Issue 17 (December 2016)

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Evapotranspiration and Above Ground Biomass of Acer rubrum from Liners to 8 m Tall Trees

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To meet minimum spring flows, water management districts in Florida sought to make both agriculture and urban landscapes water efficient, which includes tree farms. Acer rubrum L. (red maple) trees are endemic to Central Florida and native to the eastern portion of the United States. Urban and suburban expansion has increased use of A. rubrum in landscape plantings and their production in nurseries. In Florida A. rubrum is planted around stormwater retention areas, but also in urban landscapes. To provide a basis for irrigation allocations both during production and in landscapes, daily actual evapotranspiration (ETA) for three red maple trees were measured with weighing lysimeters, beginning with rooted cuttings and continuing until trees averaged 8 m in height. Empirical models were derived to calculate ETA based on crown horizontal projected area or trunk caliper, adjusted daily by changes in reference evapotranspiration (ETo). Water use efficiency, based on carbon sequestered in above ground wood mass, was calculated at the end of five growing seasons. Average ETA to produce these maples was 29,107 L over 4.75 years, with an average water use efficiency of 1 kg dry mass of wood per 709 L of water lost by transpiration.

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Beeson Jr., R. (2016) Evapotranspiration and Above Ground Biomass of Acer rubrum from Liners to 8 m Tall Trees. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 7, 2440-2456. doi: 10.4236/ajps.2016.717213.

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